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My letters on canvas make a great gift-message me : )
He looks like a giant, peeking through into a little world
Spring is springing!

Mt. Jam 2009

I really hope Brett comes back to Mt. Jam this year!

The colorful power of the ocean
wood metal & the destructive awesomeness of the sea
sand dune sprout
fishing with my little punk
And the tear drops have emerged!
shortest winter ever…..

I heart moss

Love is all around, you jus have to notice it : )
X0X0 Happy Heart Day
(This is a shadow from a plant on a mossy rock-it has been photoshopped a little to pop)

moss in spring

moss in winer

after photographing this spring moss in my backyard i really developed a passion for it. I even cultivated my own moss garden (photos to come in the spring) which is very hard to grow. It’s not a big fan of summer and needs shade shade shade, lots of controlled moisture, stone or soft wood.

'In the womb of winter summer seems a myth' Brett Dennen

photography by me Katie Finn

"Follow your heart and you won’t get lost" Brett Dennen
Photography: Looking Through Love
by me Katie Finn